SOCRE Call Centre

It is an internet banking service entitling to manage accounts through the Internet channel ( It is a simple and accessible service which allows the subscriber to follow transactions on his/her bank accounts and safely make payments. Thanks to a Sogef@so identifier and a confidential code which are given him/her, the subscriber can check the balance or the list of his/her accounts, request a check book, order payment * ( unit or multiple, specific or permanent). To get these services, please get in touch with your customer advisor.

 Messalia SMS Server

Thanks to Messalia, you can get information on your account and do banking transactions through SMS. The subscriber has access to this service whatever the operator and the type of the telephone subscription. An alert will be sent to you after each transaction on your debit account as well credit account.

  Vocalia Voice Server

puce  VOCALIA TELEPHONE                                                                                   

When dialling 25 38 15 15 and using the shortcut *111, you have access to your VOCALIA voice server which allows everybody (customer or not) to have access to our general information on the bank (opening hour, account opening conditions) and on its products and products. This service gives the subscriber the possibility to check his/her account and to receive his/her bank statements by facsimile or mail. The vocal server is available 7 days/7 and 24 hours/24.

puce  VOCALIA MAIL                                       

Choose Vocalia Mail to get the balance of your account in your mail box based on your frequency: daily, weekly, every two monthly and monthly.


“Société Générale Burkina Faso” is developing a customer-based strategy in order to meet their needs, being closest to their houses and workplaces by liaising innovation and high technologies. In addition to off-site ATMs in Ouagadougou, “Société Générale Burkina Faso” is the first and the only bank in Burkina Faso, to install off-site solar ATMs in provinces.

Equipped with solar energy for electrical power and GPRS connection (mobile phone) in order to connect with the electronic banking server of the bank, off-site ATMs will be rapidly installed in the most remote areas to allow transactions all over Burkina Faso.

Henceforth, you get an automatic teller machine which is nearby and available nearly 100% of the time to safely withdraw money and check your balance with your bank card.

Moreover, holders of VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, CUP, PULSE, DINERS, and AFFN can have access to these ATM.


Thanks WESTERN UNION, you can send/or receive money in Burkina Faso and everywhere in the world within a few minutes. It is safe and rapid channel to transfer money. To send money, you only have to go the nearest branch of «Société Générale Burkina Faso» with a valid identity card.

Based on the form you will fill, the cashier carry out the transaction against related fees payment. In the same way, to receive, you simply have to go the nearest «Société Générale» Burkina with a valid identity card. Based a duly filled form, the teller will do your transaction after verifying the MTCN number (Western Union Control number made of 10 numbers) and answering the test question.

 Branches network in Burkina

“Société Générale Burkina Faso” is developing of the concept of universal bank with a unique visual identity. Since 2012, it has been involved in a dynamics of opening branches in Ouagadougou and in provinces with a view to be present in all the big towns of Burkina Faso, setting the quality of service and the continuous quest for customer satisfaction as priority areas.

Therefore, it has opened branches in Ouagadougou and in provinces, increasing the number of branches from 8 in 2011 to 20 at the end of 2015 (that is an increase of more than 100% within four years). To promote a unique visual and easily recognized identity, it has also undertaken to rehabilitate its olds branches. Painted in the new colours of the bank, red and black, these branches of a bank inspiring to be modern, provide a comfortable and operational environment which is appreciated by customers.

Henceforth, “Société Générale Burkina Faso” is viewed in the country as a modern, innovative and different by its competing banks because the position image presented the external and internal design of its facilities and the quality of services provided its customers.

Click on this link to have access to our branches network in Burkina